Gimmick Definition

Since January, CP Apparel has increased its presence at networking events throughout the area.  I have always liked giving things to people to remember us by.  This year, we purchased these really fun pens called MopToppers and they have been a HUGE hit!  There are 2 styles of this pen.  There is a regular click pen with a stylus at one end, and there is the twist pen that has a highlighter under the head.  With both pens, their microfiber “hair” can be used to clean your phone screen.   I carry them with me everywhere I go.  When I meet someone new, I hand them my business card and a pen.  Most men put them in their shirt or jacket pocket so their little faces are looking out at everyone.  I have had people approach me at events asking if they can have a pen.  One evening, I ran out of pens and people were still asking for them.  I thought a brawl was gong to break out. They were fighting over the last of my pens which was all in good fun, but it was hillarious the uproar these pens made.  For those of you that know me (Lori), I am horrible with remembering names as much as I try.  But when I go to events now, I am recognized as “The Pen Lady”.

So, you may be thinking, this is all great, but what has it gotten me?

CP Apparel mug and pens


How many networking events have you gone to where everyone is just going around to collect business cards?  You may follow up and connect on different social media platforms, you may set up some one on one meetings with those you have met.  The cards may be put in a drawer and the new contact is fogotten.  For CP Apparel, our pen is still on someones desk or in a purse being used and each time they reach for that pen, they will remember CP Apparel.  Have we gotten any sales from this?  Yes, we have gotten a few.   Some for this pen, some for other promo items.  But with anything, it takes time to build relationships and to eventually start asking for referrals.  This is just a fun way to begin those introductions.

So what else can you do with these pens (or any other type of promo items)?

  • We give them to our customers when we deliver their orders as a “Thank You”.
  • We include them inside our CP Apaprel tumblers that we hand out.
  • We leave them at the Chambers and Associations that we are a part of for other members to take.
  • Waiters and waitresses are always looking for pens.  We will leave some at our local restaurants or anywhere else where the public uses a pen.
  • The possibilities are endless.

I was out running errands one afternoon and ran into someone I knew a long time ago.  They had a pen in their hand and when I looked at it, it was one of our pens.  He couldnt remember where he got it, but he said it was one of his favorite pens.  Will he be contacting me for anything down the road?  Probably not.  but you never know who your promo items will end up with.