Trending-TuesdayWe have all seen people walking around with these long sticks that have their phone attached to the end.  Selfie Sticks are definitely growing in popularity.  Of course you can purchase these in the stores, but what fun is that when you can have them with your brand on them!  Think of all that exposure you can get!   Imagine being at your next expo and handing out Selfie Sticks to Selfie-Stick-TL8930potential clients that sign up for your newsletter or email list, or schedule an appointment.  They’ll walk around the show taking selfies with their new toy that has your name on it.  People around them will start asking where they got the Selfie Stick.   These people are going to make sure they stop at your booth, which gives you an opportunity to speak with them about your business.

Along with the selfie sticks, you could hand out microfiber phone cleaners so they can have a clean screen before taking their photos.  Having pens or other inexpensive handouts (along with your business cards and literature) to give to everyone that stops at your booth is a must.  But when a potential client takes that next step, leave a positive impression with something different.   They will leave your booth feeling special.  How great would it be for them to talk about how wonderful your company is to their friends and family and maybe even post a positive comment on social media.

Promotional Products leave a lasting impression.  Let us help you decide on the best items to help you grow your business in 2016!